Creating Memorable Experiences With Measurable KPIs

Live events are a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience in an immersive way. Centra360 works with brands to identify or create events that are authentic, and attractive to your target audience. We offer full service, turnkey event marketing solutions– or pick and choose the level of service you need. From sampling programs that run in-store, out-of-store and even direct-to-home – to every aspect of event logistics, including event promotion, on-site field marketing management and brand ambassador staffing, warehousing and inventory management. But what makes Centra360 truly different is our ability to measure results. 

How Can I Measure Experiential Marketing?

Just about every other marketing tactic has measurement standards – impressions, clicks, ratings, conversions – enabling brands to see ROI. But not experiential marketing. Sure, you can look at the number of attendees or the number of samples – but these numbers aren’t always quantifiable. That’s why Centra360 developed SmartView™. 


Don’t Guess
Success – Prove It

SmartView™ is a proprietary live-event tracking and measurement system. It deploys sensors in the field to deliver a degree of reporting transparency that’s never been seen before. Here’s how it works: SmartView sensors are placed around the footprint of your event. The technology captures smartphone signals as they enter the venue, and assigns a unique ID to each device/consumer. From there, the sensors can track behavior throughout the entire experience – all in real time. In addition to tracking the visitors’ journey, you can also find demographic information, including age, ethnicity, education level, marital status, household information and income as well as occupational data… leading to richer insights. 

Foot traffic measurement from 1sq ft. away to 7,850 sq. ft. away

Visitor impressions

Visitor engagements

Visitor dwell-times

Visitor Journey

Points of conversion